Kitchen Fun

So I’ve been watching the korean variety show Roommate lately, it’s my new found love. Shin Sung Woo aka Mama Shin has inspired me to be more proactive in the kitchen. So Mama Shin this one is for you!Image

Now I’m no master chef, but I’m an okay cook if I do say so myself. With that being said, I often avoid having anything to do with cooking. I chalk it up to my laziness. The idea of cooking or baking something always sounds nice, but I never actually want to go through the effort of being in the kitchen for long periods of time. I’m that kid who just won’t eat if isn’t made convenient for me. Which is horrible seeing as I’m almost 21 years old and will be living on my own soon. Along with my laziness, I’m also picking when it comes to my food. I know bad combo, but look I’m here to change ok. I tend to like light and healthy foods, which are normally vegetarian. So to get into a cooking mood I created a Pinterest account to save all the recipes I want to try and started watching tons of youtube videos.  My first creation was my version of a kimchi stew.

IMG_2197 2


I’m only calling it that because I put kimchi in it. Anyways, I threw in some tofu and a vegetable stew mix (carrots, potatoes, onions, etc..) Since that turned out well, I decided to step up my game and started following actually recipes. The first recipe was for a vegetable soup/ broth. Which was pretty easy after I finished chopping up the carrots, celery, leeks, scallions,and  mushrooms. After all the chopping there was only two steps. the first being sweating the carrots, celery, and onions. The second and last step, being adding all the veggies and seasoning  into a pot of boiling water.

IMG_2261 1

IMG_2262 1

IMG_2264 1






From their I tried two more recipes Lemon-Garlic Shrimp and Grits and vegetable stir fry. It turned out pretty well in my opinion.

IMG_2266 1

IMG_2272 1IMG_2270 1IMG_2271 1







Okay sorry for the food overload, but there is just one last thing I tried making and is by far my favorite. Ready of this *drum roll* Banana whip! Which is just frozen bananas whipped into an ice cream texture. Man oh Man it might just be my new favorite frozen treat for the summer. I like to put other fruits like strawberries or blueberries on top to add to the sweetness. IMG_2268 1

Don’t be alarmed this is not turning into a foodie blog.  See you all soon! 🙂

Snowcap Recap

So I’ve been MIA for a little while, but it’s not like I haven’t been trying. I wrote about four posts that are just sitting in my drafts file because they just didn’t feel right. So for now, I’ll just recap the past few months. Outside of the mountain of snow I was stuck under I actually had a pretty good winter. First off I got accept into Korea University so I’ll be studying aboard this summer. I’m so excited that I can barely contain myself at times. Which is kinda bad since I’ve got some serious work to get done before I leave. In other less exciting news I also met a guy. Before you get all excited, it is not going well. I won’t use his real name so I’ll just call him MA, which is short for mister arrogant. At first it was good, he was semi-sweet, smart and funny. I’m not gonna lie it also helped that he is well traveled. Too bad all his sparkle and shine wore off faster than a toy from a crackerjack box. He turned into a complete asshole who constantly undermined my intelligence and gave back handed compliments. I don’t need someone showering with praise all the time, but I also don’t need someone insulting at every turn. Sorry, not sorry, I’m not about that life. Either way I decided that I’m not interested in him even as a friend and proceeded to exit stage left.

I’ve also did some soul searching.  Generally I pride myself on knowing who I am and what I enjoy, but I felt like I was somehow forgetting all of that. Which is a bit weird, since this is the first time in my life that I ever doubted myself. So I took some much needed me time and dropped off the face of the earth for while. I started painting and sketching again, finding new music, and taking long drives to far away lands. The more I explored, the more I understood why I was in a slump. I was standing still. My heavy  school schedule combined with an overloaded social life and constantly eating out was taking it’s toll on my body and mind. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the company of people and like being social, but there are times when I need to be alone with my own thoughts. I needed to get away, so I packed my bags and went to Washington D.C. for the weekend to see the cherry blossoms. D.C. was something I really needed. That weekend trip re-sparked my love for travel, and reminded me the importance of leaving my college’s town more often.

Finals week is kinda of one big blur to me. I spent more time in the library this semester, then I have in all my 3 years of college. By some miracle I managed to pass all of my class with A’s and B’s and kept my beautiful GPA intact. All in all I’m glad  this semester is over, it was such a drag. As soon as summer break started I hit hibernation mood. I slept a lot, stopped drowning in coffee and caught up on all my favorite dramas and shows.  I also went back to my healthy eating habits which, cleared up my complexion immediately (thank god, I was looking duller then a zombie in need of a tan). After a good week long recovery, I emerged from my hiatus and  started being social again. Which brings me to now. A girl who trying to make of most of the last 30 days she has in America before starting a new chapter in Korea.

Two Weeks in 782 Words

Well this is going to be a bit of a long one guys so pull up a chair and pour yourself some tea, I’m going in. Well first off,  my winter break actually started off pretty nicely if I do say so myself. I’m learning how to drive stick shift and man it has been an adventure. My dad showed me the basics very quickly and then he took me out on the backroads immediately. See my dad way of teaching is very quick and hands on, as opposed to my style of getting something completely down before performing the task. Needless to say I was not 100% confident  with handling the car when we hit the roads. All in all though it wasn’t too bad and switching gears is quite fun. My only problem is starting out from a standstill, the art of giving the car enough gas while easing off the clutch. For now I think I will be avoiding any major hills until I’ve have mastered the stick shift. My mother was nice enough to give me these words of advice “when in doubt, clutch it out” which I rolled my eyes at, but they were actually pretty helpful. Haha, thanks mum. Any who after the nerve-racking kick off to winter break  my friends and I  had a 10 hour Sherlock marathon  to kick off the season 3 premier. We even watched the unaired pilot, which was  absolutely hilarious. I don’t know if it was the funky music transitions or Sherlock’s  moonlit  rooftop scene, but clearly the show has come a long way and for that we thank you.

Aside from being free for winter break, I actually don’t care for winter at all. The cold weather is cute for all about 2 seconds and then I spend the rest of my time longing for fall. It’s normally around the christmas season, when I reach the peek of being over the cold and holidays in  general.  But I sucked up my grinchy disposition and became an active participant. Well not too active, but active for me.  I spent christmas eve with my best friend  Donny ‘s family and surprisingly had a good time. It wasn’t the christmas overkill vibes that I was expecting, instead it was simple and refreshing. Which I should known it was going to turn out like that since Donny isn’t to big on the holidays himself.  So in the spirit of the holiday season, I did something on new years eve as well. Unfortunately for new years eve, my body wasn’t ready. The plan was to go downtown and meet up with a friend at 5, yes I said 5.  That was the first mistake. I’m 20, which means I can’t get into any of the bars (I see you America). The problem with new years is that everything was closed expect for the bars. So come 7 o’clock we found ourselves outside in the 20 degree weather freezing for the rest of the night. Sigh….. 21 you could not come fast enough. I don’t even want to drink , I just want unrestricted access to the rest of the “adult” world.  Is that too much to ask for.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 11.34.41 PM

That New Years Eve city traffic.

Lastly, but you know certainly not least. I got to venture on to my creative side. It all  started off with me dyeing a vest I had black and ended with me tie-dyeing random items in my closet. I felt like a kid again and probably looked like a kid too, I got dye everywhere. Also my friend Abby wanted to start making jewelry and when it comes down to stuff like that I’m always game. So of course I agreed to lend her a helping hand, while I’m on break. It was so much fun we actually decided to open up an Etsy shop, as you can probably already tell since I added the link to my navigation bar.  Anyways there is something really nice and relaxing about creating things, while laughing and joking around  with a friend. Before we even knew it many hours had passed and we had actually made some cool jewelry.  So if you’re into stuff like check out our shop, or as we like to call it our dojo. So this is it for now. But no worries I’ve got two more beautiful week of sweet freedom before heading back to the soulless abyss, the rest of the world calls college. Ok college isn’t that bad at time, but my work load for the upcoming semester is going to be intense. See you guys soon.

Some my tie-dye work.

Some of my tie-dye work.and one of the pieces I made

and one of the pieces I made

Winter Break is Here!!

Finally finals are over and done with.  These last two weeks of school have really been borderline insane. Not to mention the fact that mother nature has been having her way with us here on the east coast. Seriously, last week it was snowing like crazy and now it’s 60 degrees. Anyway, it’s about time I start catching up on some much needed rest. The lack of sleep, stress, and overload of coffee has really taken a tole on my skin *cries*. Now that I have the freedom to have a life again, hopefully I can get into blogging.  Though I can’t really make any promises for anything too exciting, my plans for winter break are still mostly unknown.  As for now, I’m just going to take it easy and enjoy that fact that I have nothing to do.

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 1.16.45 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-20 at 1.17.25 PM

Drinking tea and enjoying the winter wonderland.

Black Friday Blues and Saturday’s Revenge

This year was the year that I was going to refrain from getting involved with black friday. Why you might ask? Well for many reasons. First off I’m not good with impulse buying, I always end up regretting it later. Last year for example, the first store I hit was Urban Outfitters and I ending up buying these drop sleeved cardigans. Now I know full well that I hate the fit of dropped sleeved anything, but the pull of the super cheap prices and beautiful colors got the best of me. I didn’t even wear those cardigans, because I couldn’t get over those damn drop sleeves. So I ended up giving them away. Anyways the point of that story was, clearly I need time to think when shopping and the chaos that black friday ensues doesn’t allow for that. Second, is the idea of crazy people engulfing stores in the name of a good deal is a little too intense for me. I hate being hurt and rather not be stamped on for a pair of jeans, thank you very much. So this year I stayed home, slept in, and did all my shopping online from the comforts of my bedroom. Hey, I even ended avoiding over buying and saved some money. All was right in the world and my wallet didn’t hate me. Well thats was until something I like to call “saturday’s revenge” happened. Haha, just when I thought I was safe.  My friend Roderick invited me to come hangout with him saturday night. We were supposed to have a nice chit-chat over a cup of coffee, but of course the city was flooded with holiday shoppers. There was nowhere to sit in either one of the coffee shops we visited. Instead, we walked the lit up streets of Walnut and Chestnut. I couldn’t contain myself, so many good sales were still going on and the clothes were calling my name. That when I saw it, the Urban Outfitter sign that read “50% of all sale item.” I knew that sale was going to be the end of my cash, but I didn’t care. I spent my money until my heart was content, too bad my wallet now hates me.  All in all though, I’m actually happy with my buys. The stores were less crowed because it was a saturday night and I was able to think about what I was buying.  Plus on top of the shopping, the night was pretty fun.



Easy Beginnings

To blog or not to blog?  That was the question. I never wanted to be that person who starts a blog and has nothing more to say then “drinking a pepsi.” That’s what twitter is for. No, I wanted to blog about something much more then my mundane college life; the days I spend buried under books and stress. But then I realized I can’t keep waiting around for something amazing to happen. I have to start somewhere, so I’m starting with this post. I’m Janelle, a 20 year old college student that is studying the writing arts. I hope to travel the world someday, but as for now I’m just steadily working towards my goal of visiting and teaching in South Korea. Here is where my story begins…..